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About MC/DJ Bruce Primrose
Bruce Primrose never planned on becoming a mobile Disc Jockey Entertainer. He started Roller Skating in 1978 and wanted to mix his favorite music for dance skating, like they did on 92 KTU (Now 103.5).  After learning how to mix his music he performed inbetween band sets at different events that his brother's band performed at. Several months later he started to attend Fairleigh Dickenson University, Florham Park Campus in Madison NJ. After playing a few private parties on weekends in his on-campus suite, the Fraternity (ZBT) and Sorority (ZTA) hired him to mix music at all of their on Campus events from 1982-85.
All pictures were taken between 1980 and 1984 while attending Fairleigh Dickenson University - Madison Campus